Sunday, September 28, 2008

will not be defeated

When I first started this blanket I knew I was taking a risk using stash yarn, not only because it limited my color choices but what happens if I run out of yarn? When my daughters settled on their color choices it was even more apparent that I better have enough yarn, none of the skeins had wrappers -- there is a lesson there I'm sure.

So moving forward I started crocheting, all was well until I came to this final square of the yellow series...

My original layout looked a little something like this.

I thought the effect was pretty neat, the diagonal was going to look great when I joined it in black. Jess thought it would resemble stained glass, I would have to agree.

This weekend we tackled re-arranging the layout. I only had 4 yellow blocks now. It was Hannah, our resident artist who suggested that we put the yellow blocks in the corners since we only had 4 of them & that a square has 4 corners. Wow of course that makes perfect sense now.

So after setting the corners to yellow, Jess said we could still do the diagonal in the middle and this is what she came up with. I think the girls make a great team.

I only have 3 squares left to make and then I'll be trying a new to me method of joining called Flat Braid. I hope to have it done this week and then I'll return to another afghan I seemed to have abandoned several months ago ;)


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Princess Kathy said...

I've read about your trials on ravelry I hope all goes well