Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New & Improved ?

Well guess what, I'm trying out a new blog...not exactly sure why but hey why not?

I can't say it will be solely about crochet, my favorite hobby. It could sometimes lean heavily on my family...including our two doxies Ava & Gwen. It may very well become a place for me just unleash my overloaded mind.

For anyone who might have found me for the first time or just needs an update here ya go.

Mom to two girls, ages 15 (and yes she has her learners permit) and 10. Both are typical good kids. The husband & I have been married nearly 20 years; bless his heart for putting up with me that long :) We are a reserve military family with two deployments in the last 4 years under our belt, not that it gets any easier but I will say you learn something new each time.

Tracie I will give credit to you for my random thought of the night since we were just chatting, just why is there a G in the word gnat? anyone....


1 comment:

Tracie said...

There is a G in the word gnat just to be annoying...like gnats are. :)