Saturday, October 4, 2008

September Month-n-Review

Pictures are a brilliant thing, never have I enjoyed taking pictures as much as I do now. Between digital cameras, my children and our four legged furry buddies there is just so much life to capture. So I thought it would be neat to create a hodgepodge of photos at the end of the month that just about sum up the previous month.

The first picture is pretty much self explanatory, it’s scary, amazing and immense amount of pride all wrapped up in that one photo. Tomorrow actually will be her first day out on the real road, she’s been practicing in our subdivision mostly.

The second picture is from our crochet group meeting, Richard (Margarita’s boy bits) is making Emma a doggie toy. I do believe that’s his first attempt at a stuffed toy type project. I’m sure by the next meeting it might even have its second eye :)

The third & final picture is of my youngest daughter doing what she does best with her puppy Gwen, snuggle time!!

Have a great weekend,
~dani's my progress thus far on joining the f'ugly blanket

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time, meds & good old fashion sleep

Those three items are the best cure for the common cootie bug I seemed to have caught over the weekend. While not completely recovered I'm at least feeling alive enough to actually do something today.

One thing I learned...did you know that sometimes when blowing your nose for the one-millionth time you can feel your tear ducts open slightly with each blow. I was totally freaked out by this little discovery.

On the crochet front I am one square away from completing all my crazy squares for the Lion Brand Crochet Sampler. I hope to bring it with me to crochet group tonight so I have the support of others while I attempt a new joining method.

That’s about it for now, happy hump day!